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1.When a man notices you, what has to happen in him?


Your answer: Do you go after him immediately.

Correct answer and why:

Allow him to become stimulated and come after you, please understand this is the foundation for building a solid relationship. The woman must stimulate him and then activate a burning desire in him for her. She must have a plan of action, which is a  program for his transformation.

2. How do you usually approach a man you like?


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Your answer: I try to stay in his presence. I initiate the contact or try to stay within his vision until he notices me. 

Correct answer and why:

Stay focused on the task you are occupied with until he decides to make his way to you. It is important for women to know any woman can stimulate a man. However, she has to go beyond stimulating him and activate a burning desire that engages him and shifts him into action. This exposes his integrity, fidelity, and creativity.

3. He saw you for the first time and you talked. Should you create the first date or the second encounter?

question n.3

Your answer: Ask him can we get together again?

Correct answer and why:

The answer is both B and C. First, you've given him a location to see if he’s really interested. You told him you're at Starbucks each morning. You have given him the place, time, and how often you frequent this establishment. He can't miss you, if you’ve activated his desire for you. You have given him a compliment “it was a pleasure to meet you, but I have to go.” You have ended your first encounter successfully. The ball is in his court. If he hits it back over the net with a phone call the Game of Love has begun.

(DR. LOVE NOTE!) He who cares less wins!

4. Okay, the first contact has happened. What do you  usually do to get and keep the man interested?


Your answer: Ask for his number and say I would like to get to know you better

Correct answer and why:

“C.”  Ignore him and allow his desire to drive him to you as you continue your personal development and understanding of men. Always remember when a man is interested in you he will not allow you to ignore him and he is capable of persevering and overcoming your best defense. 

5. What is the purpose of dating?


Your answer: To find someone to love.

Correct answer and why:

 “C.” A time to learn an individual's level of integrity, character, family traits, financial status, ability and willingness to compromise and grow.The purpose of dating is to learn what you like and the combination you find most desirable and pleasing.


6. What do you usually do on the first date? 

question no.6

Your answer: Ask him serious questions about a committed relationship or marriage and children. 

Correct answer and why:

“C.” Make the conversation revolve around  him (his likes and interests). You want to find out where he comes from, who raised him, how he was raised, does he have a sense of integrity, where is he going and  is he on the path to accomplishing his goal, or  maybe he has achieved a level of success. You want to know as much about him  as possible.

7. The date has ended, what is my next move?

image 7

Your answer: Text him the next day and if he doesn't respond, call him.

Correct answer and why:

 “C.” Wait for him to text or call. Some people call it the “Waiting Game.” I call it allowing his experience with you and the time you spent together to play in his mind repeatedly. Most women never realize it's not you that drives him. It's what he thinks of you that drives him.

8. How to create the next date? 


Your answer: Invite him to hang out with you at your place some time.

Correct answer and why:

 “C.” You text him about something you thought would interest him. This allows a woman to indirectly communicate. If he thinks you are interesting, then he will respond favorably in wanting to see you again. It's called the next date.


9. What do you say in a text?



Your answer: I show my affection: send hearts, and pictures of me etc.

Correct answer and why:

“C.” Send him a text about an event or something he would be interested in. This begins to establish in his mind. You understand there are events and interests he has and will enjoy outside of you. It's important for you to establish and acknowledge that fact. 

10. What should I do when it comes to sex?

image 10

Your answer: Agree to it before you are ready 

Correct answer and why:

 “C.” Share the mistakes you made with your sexuality and your commitment to do things differently. I cannot stress this enough. This is a woman's most powerful position when she's able to talk about sex with a man comfortably (the things she likes and dislikes, and her demands before sex occurs).

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